Graduate Council
Minutes of meeting on February 27, 2002
Members Present: Al-Shukri, Bailey,Dancy,  Edison, Garnett, James-Barnes, Leslie, Lindsay, McAlpine, Minsker, Plopper, Recken, Sikes, Sims, Spillers, Strom & Wayne

Members Absent: Edwards, CBA; Bevernitz, CPS; Darsey, CSAM; Clowney, Dancy Fletcher, SGA
Ex-Officio: Hanson, Sheen, Smith, Grad Sch
Others Present: Tom Guyette, Aud/Sp;
1. Approval of minutes, February 13, 2002. Approved

2. Old Business: none

3. New Business:
 a. Report of Curriculum Sub-Committee
CBA: New Degree Program: Master of Science in Management Information Systems
ACCT 7330 Managerial Acctg for Info Sys Specialists (chg title from Sem in Managerial Acctg and prerequisite from Acct 3331 to Acct 7302)
MGMT 7306 Bus Apps Object-Oriented Prog (new)
7307 Systems Analysis and Design Methods (chg description & prereq)
 7308 Advanced Business Communication (chg description)
 7309 Advanced Database Mgmt Systems (new)
 7312 Team Development (new)
 7315 E-Commerce Technologies (new)
 7350 Information Systems Management (chg description)
 7352 Emerging Technologies (new)
 7353 Project Management (new)

CPS: Advanced Notice/Comment Form: PhD in Communication Sciences and Disorders  Endorsed

BIOL 7190 Graduate Seminar (new) Approved

 b. Report of Personnel Sub-Committee: none
 c. Report of Program Review Sub-Committee: Bruce Plopper, chair.  Report was made on Social Work and Gerontology.  A letter about each program review was distributed for discussion.   Both reviews were endorsed by the Council.  Next step is to get deans, chair, and both council review people together.

4. Other Business: none

5. Dean's Report: Friday , March 8 is the Graduate Science/Technology Expo.  Al-Shukri explained what was to occur.

Next meeting is to be March 13, 2002.