How to Use Blackboard

Blackboard is online course management software that is used for different kinds of courses at UALR, including distance-learning courses, hybrid courses, and face-to-face courses. UALR migrated to Blackboard from the WebCT online learning system. Your grades will be posted on Blackboard.

Blackboard requires that you turn off pop-up blockers on your browser while you are using it. Go to to access Blackboard at UALR. Or, go to to access Boss, Blackboard, and Mail. You can also get to those options by going to the UALR homepage and selecting Save the link on your web browser as a Bookmark or Favorite.

Blackboard uses your NetID and password. Your NetID is what you use to log on to the Wi-Fi network on campus. Your NetID is not the same as the username assigned for email, and it's also different from your T-number.

Every student at UALR automatically gets a NetID. If you have never used your NetID before, you can first log on to BOSS, using your usual BOSS log-on procedure of your T-number and password. Then go to: Personal Information, then View Usernames or Change Passwords on UALR Computing Systems then check the box for Change Password to the right of your NetID. Enter a new password, confirm it, and click the button at the bottom of the page.

Now go to Blackboard and log on using your NetID and NetID password. On Blackboard, once you have logged on, click on the link for your course. When the next window opens in your browser, you will see menu choices for your course.

Additional Help

Students having problems logging in to Blackboard should first try resolving it by resetting the NetID password in BOSS. If that doesn't work, contact the Information Technology Help Desk (formerly Computing Services) at (501) 916-3011 Also notify the course instructor if you are having login problems.

In addition, UALR has a Blackboard Support page (at with information on Blackboard topics.

Edited from a document written by Linda Holzer, UALR Music Dept.