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Guidelines for Appropriate Network and Computer Use

Information technology allows us to access a wealth and range of information never available before. However, it is important to remember that just because information is represented electronically rather than in print does not change the fact that someone has created it and it may be covered by copyright protection.

As a member of the UALR community, you have access to information technology resources across campus to tap into that wealth of information. This technology includes computers, terminals, printers, networks, modems, telephones, or storage media owned, managed, or maintained by faculty, staff, academic offices, or technical support personnel. Privately owned equipment, such as a laptop, would also be considered part of the network when it is connected to the UALR network.

UALR takes seriously the potential of information technology for misuse or abuse of the creative works of others that such access could make possible. Examples of misuse and abuse would include but may not be limited to the downloading of audio or video files without paying the producer of those files for their use.

Such misuse or abuse of the technology that UALR makes available to you could lead to temporary or permanent loss of use of or access to any information stored on the UALR network These penalties would also apply to you if you have given access to the UALR network to someone who is not UALR faculty, staff, or student who then misuses the system.

For more information, you should consult the complete Information Technology (IT) Acceptable Use Policy For Faculty/Staff/Students: href="

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Remember that copyright is an area where there is still much ambiguity. Future legislation and court decisions will continue to shape copyright law. Information provided on this website should not be construed as legal advice.