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How to Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
Special Rules for Digital Materials
Rules of Copyright

You have found some useful information for your project. Your first question is, "Can I use this in my project? Do I have to get anyone's permission? Do I have to list it in my references?"

What you need to do depends on what use you want to make of the material.

Do you want to simply include information from the source in your project? Then the rules of citation apply. Check out How to Give Credit Where Credit Is Due for information about how to cite information you want to use.

Do you want to use information from digital materials, such as websites, video files, audo files, images, or online journals? Check out the Special Rules for Digital Materials.

If you want to do more than merely refer to a work, take a look at Rules of Copyright to learn how to work with copyrighted works.

Still have questions? Try Guidelines for Using Materials under Information for Faculty & Staff or the More Resources sections.


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Remember that copyright is an area where there is still much ambiguity. Future legislation and court decisions will continue to shape copyright law. Information provided on this website should not be construed as legal advice.